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Ron Keas


The Lake County Silver Foundation is a newly formed non-­profit organization that exists to develop funds through grants, angel donations and trust fund endowments. The purpose of the foundation is to provide funding to Senior Centers and related entities to address operational facility repairs and senior activities in support of Lake County’s growing senior citizenry.

The Board of Directors will enact an application process for funds distribution and endowment providers can direct their gift to a specific purpose.

The vision of the foundation is cohesive and effective Lake County senior center operations and services that increase the quality of life for senior citizens in all sectors of the County including unincorporated, city and tribal lands.

  • Develop and implement funding strategies that will gain outside-­county grants and donations to support services needed by seniors and centers.

  • Promote the foundation as a way for seniors to leave a legacy, by specifying how their endowment gifts can be used.

  • Provide a granting application process to fund senior facility improvements and activities for seniors that will enrich their lives.

  • Plan and administer an annual senior conference that promotes respect for elders from all generations.

  • Promote the conference to seniors both through the centers and those not connected to the centers.

  • Develop activities and opportunities for seniors at the conference to provide value to their lives and develop a survey for this purpose.


Q. Why is the Silver Foundation needed in Lake County

A. The Senior Centers provide meals, either at the center or home delivery.  Most centers receive less than 50% of the funding needed to provide these basic services; the rest they must obtain through fund raising efforts – an ongoing struggle for the centers.  The foundation will provide extra support to senior centers and a Lake County senior identity.


Q. Does the County fund the senior centers?

A. The senior centers are nonprofit entities that exist to provide meal and other services in their respective  local areas.  The county supports some buildings and the Area Agency on Aging provides meal support.


Q. Does the County manage the senior centers?

A. No.  The centers are independent nonprofit operations run by Boards of Directors.  In most cases, the  Boards hire a center director to run the daily operations.


Q. What is the role of the Board of Directors for the senior centers?

A. Each Board is independent and has its own bylaws.  Generally, the Board of Directors are responsible  for supervision of the operations director, setting policy, approving the budget and developing funding for the centers.


Q. When will the Silver Foundation be operational?

A. The Silver Foundation became operational upon receiving state and federal designations as a non-profit entity and obtaining tax exempt status.  The Foundation Board members are listed below.  


Q. What are the requirements to serve on the Board of Directors?

A. The ideal Board member has strong ties to and is an influential member of the community, has the passionand ability to raise funds, and can influence others to support the goals of the Silver Foundation.


Q.  Has Foundation Board supported the community since forming?

A.  Yes, the Board hosted a celebration for Elder Day Services Founder Eva Johnson.  The Foundation is currently sponsoring the 2nd Annual Senior Summit.  The date is June 23, 2018.  Pre-registration information is now available on this website.

Foundation Board of Directors

President, Jim Steele | VP Marketing, Shawn Garrison | VP Advertising, Gene Paleno
Secretary, Olga Martin Steele | Treasurer, Rae Eby Carl
Members At Large, Claudine Pedroncelli & Nick Baker

EIN: 82-2888820 | DLN: 17053307326037 | CCN: 4012027 Status: 170(b) (1) (A) (vi)

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